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CSA newsletter for October 5th

Posted 10/5/2016 11:33am by Sandra Roush.

Can you believe it is October already? Where has the time gone? Fall is here and only Mother Nature knows when will we see the first frost of the season. Until then, field production continues.  We have the high tunnel planted and looking forward to extending harvest of onions, carrots, beets, brussel spouts, radishes, cilantro and a variety of greens well into December.  

In your shares today you have received some of our standards, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, bunching onions, carrots, radishes, okra, garlic and cilantro.  You are also receiving edamame, pumpkins and eggs.  

Yes, we are getting eggs already! Our hens are only 21 weeks old and we have already collected about 12 dozen over the last few weeks. You will notice that they are small, because the girls are still so young.  That will change through the following months and they will begin to lay the standard large egg.  You will also notice that the eggs have not been washed.  This allows for you to not worry about refrigeration.  They can sit in your office all day and on your counter for weeks. The state does require us to wash them if we are selling, so once we start selling you will be getting them washed. Once you wash the “bloom” off they must be refrigerated. You may notice that we have both white and brown. We have two different breeds of chicken, Rhode Islands Reds and White Leghorns.  They are most definitely cage free, as well as free ranging during the day.  Makes for excellent fresh farm eggs!  

The pumpkins you received can be used as ornamental, but are also good eating.  The flat orange stripped are the “Hooligan” and has an excellent sweet pumpkin flavor making them great for pies and breads.   The green/orange “Carnival” is a sweet dumpling squash and can be prepared as you would any other squash.  

I hope you enjoy your shares! For those of you who are ½ share members, this is your last bounty for the season.  Our full share members will be receiving one more. I would love to hear from you about your experience this season as a member of Emerald Acres CSA. What could we do better? What would bring you back next season?  

Thank you all so much,  

Sandy Roush

Farm Operations Manager

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