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Is this really June?

Posted 6/12/2016 3:10pm by Sandra Roush.

Newsletter for week of June 13th  

With temperatures approaching 100 degrees it feels more like July!  Certainly, nothing like last year!   We have very busy at Emerald Acres!  It is that time of the season when everything is happening.  We do have all are bedding plants in, however we are still working at getting in seed for the winter squashes and okra, as well as succession planting of our carrots, beets and onions.  And there are always those pesky weeds!  With the temperatures so hot and no measureable precipitation, watering is an everyday occurrence somewhere in the field.  

Multi-colored carrots and garlic scapes are the latest on the scene here at Emerald Acres! Our carrots are sweet and so pretty in their colors of purple, white, yellow, orange and a purple haze. I know you’re going to them! What are garlic scapes? They are the flower shoots the plants send out about a month before the actual bulb is ready to harvest. They are full of delicious garlic flavor and can be used much in the same way you would use the garlic bulb. Scapes store best in the refrigerator, in a paper bag.  For those of you new to the garlic scapes, I found this website www.garlicfarmct.com to have some good information.  

Our strawberries were beautiful this year! I’m sorry to say that they are about finished producing this year, as well as the asparagus.  Since both of these starts producing in May, we are looking at offering an additional few weeks in May to our CSA shares. I would love to have your feedback on this idea!  

The issues have been fixed with the greenhouse and production has begun on our hydroponic lettuce!  With the delays, I did plant lettuce in the high tunnel and should have some lettuce available in about two weeks. With no more set backs, the hydroponic lettuce available in about the middle of July. I’m really excited about this!  

I’m happy to say that, Open Harvest is now selling our multi-colored carrots and our beets.  These two vegetables are available through out the season at Open Harvest, in our CSA shares and the farmer’s markets.  Open Harvest will also be selling our bunching onions, lettuce and other produce as the season progresses.  We are still selling smaller quantities to Blue Blood Brewery and Bread and Cup.  

The chickens are growing everyday! They are in that awkward teenage phase and timidly exploring as we open up their living environment. We are doing the best we can to keep them cool and happy!  

Have a great week!  

Sandy Roush 

Farm Operations Manager

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