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June 29, 2020

Posted 6/29/2020 9:29am by Sandy Roush.

Good morning to you all!  Hope you are all well!  Everything is growing like crazy, especially the weeds!  We've been busy weeding and watering and see a whole lot of that again this week.  We have spent time fortifying the chicken coop and their outside enclosed area.  We have had a predator invade our coop.  The first night was horrible!  After that, it was one or two at a time.  Finally, this weekend, we had success at capturing photos with a field camera.  The invaders are 3 raccoons, an adult with 2 babies.  We have been successful at keeping them out since Wednesday, but worry that they will eventually find their way back in, so......  You all have a good week!

Availability list, while supplies last, for the week of June 29th          

Eggs @ $2.50/dozen

Red Ace and Guardsmark beets, bagged with no tops @ $3.00/lb Please check Our Varieties under the Our Products tab for details.

Garlic scapes @ $4.00/lb

Small zucchini @ $2.00/lb 

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