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May 26, 2020

Posted 5/26/2020 7:41am by Sandy Roush.

Good morning all!  Sorry for the delay!  This will be the last harvest of lettuce until October so get it while you can.  This will probably be the last of the radishes as well. We have started harvesting onions and looks like beets and maybe some carrots next week.  Thank you all!  Have a great week!


Availability list, while supplies last, for the week of May 25th          

Eggs @ $2.50/dozen

Hydroponic lettuce mix @ $5.00/lb

Fresh baby spinach @ $5.00/lb

Radishes, bagged with no tops @ $3.00/lb

Salad turnips, bagged with no tops @ $3.00/lb 

Scallions (green onions) @ $2.00/bunch

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