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Summer Breeze

Posted 7/13/2016 12:17pm by Sandra Roush.

Newsletter for week of July 11th  

Summer breezes are something the plants don’t really need, but it sure makes working in this heat a little more bearable.  

It’s garlic time!  We have started harvesting this week and have begun selling the garlic bulbs, fresh.  For long-term storage, garlic needs to be cured (dried) so, if you receive garlic in your CSA share or purchase from the market, you will need to use it relatively quickly. You will want to store it in a paper bag, in a cool dry place. It will take approximately a month before the garlic is cured, then it will keep for 6 to 8 months.  

We have also started harvesting our Cipollini onions. This type of onion is a sweet Italian onion used for roasting or grilling.  These, like the garlic, can be cured and stored dry for 6 months of better. Allow these onions to sit out and dry or use them up within a couple of weeks.  I grilled some this weekend with our steaks and they were awesome. I cut off the tops and roots, put them in a bowl of olive oil, seasoned with Lawry’s and some dried basil, stirred to coat, then on the grill they went, for about ten minutes. They are a terrific addition to any meat.  Hope you enjoy!  

With June being so hot, we have had many issues with our cabbage.  Unfortunately, I would consider these a failed crop.  What we did manage to salvage, you will find in your CSA shares.  We are looking forward to a bumper crop of their little cousins, brussel sprouts, in the fall.  

We have green beans, tomatoes and peppers on the vine and are excited to be seeing these ready for harvest in the next couple of weeks.  We have blooms on all the squashes and cucumbers.  So much will be ready by the end of the month that we will be recruiting more help to assure the freshest harvest and availability.  

We have are first section of channels in the greenhouse full and I will be getting the second section in by the end of the week. I am looking forward to offering our hydroponically grown lettuce in a couple of weeks.  

Our chickens are doing great! We have purchased some portable fencing and will be allowing them to free range in the cabbage area next week. They need to start earning their keep!  

Have a great week!  

Sandy Roush

Farm Operations Manager

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