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The heat is on!

Posted 6/18/2016 4:04pm by Sandra Roush.

Newsletter for week of June 19th  

I don’t mean to go on about the heat, however, when you need to work in it everyday, it is has been noticeably excessive. With the heat and the lack of rain, watering has been a daily priority.  It was a welcome, however short I’m afraid, relief to get just under a ½ inch of rain last night.  Great timing since we had just finished all our first time plantings.  The extended forecast looks like more of the same hot and dry, so diligent watering and celebrations when it rains is in our future.  

In this heat, our chickens are also a priority. With plenty of space, shade and fresh water they are doing really well.  Better than I do most days. J With no pecking going on, I’m pretty confident that they are happy and healthy in their home. That’s always a relief!  

I do want to remind our CSA share members that there will be no delivery on July 6th.  All share members will receive a package the week before (6/29) and the week after (7/13). I hope you enjoyed the lettuce you received this week!  The lettuce in the greenhouse is not ready yet, however, I did get some starts in the high tunnel and they are coming ready for harvest.  There is just enough for our share to enjoy for the next couple of weeks and will be a nice sample of what is to come from the hydroponic system.  

We continue to supply Open Harvest with our multi-colored carrots and beets and have begun being their supplier for bunching onions as well.  These are only a few of the things we do really well, so expect to see additional Emerald Acres produce added to the Open Harvest produce selection.   Remember to follow us through the week on Facebook for photos of current produce and weekly CSA packages, as well as market information.  Great things are happening at Emerald Acres!  Don’t miss out!  

Have a great week!  

Sandy Roush 

Farm Operations Manager

Emerald Acres

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