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Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

Posted 6/29/2016 11:53am by Sandra Roush.

Newsletter for week of June 27th  

It is officially summer time and lazy is the last thing we are at Emerald Acres!  Crazy kind of fits with all that is happening out here at the farm.  

Keeping things from burning up in the field is an on going task.  A lot of the areas of the farm are drip lined and are on a weekly schedule of overnight watering. Our dry crops fields, such as corn, okra and squashes are far more labor intensive, but we get them done and things are looking good.  

Again I would like to remind our CSA share members that there will be no delivery on July 6th.  All share members will receive a package this week and the week after (7/13).   

Tomatoes and peppers are blooming and have their first fruits appearing.  It won’t be long before they are ready to harvest.  Those are not the only produce just about ready to hit the markets and CSA shares.  Look for green beans, garlic, potatoes, cucumbers and basils.  

I expect to see our hydroponic lettuce ready for it’s first official harvest in three weeks.  I’m really looking forward to offering some of the freshest living lettuce available.  

Our chickens are still doing great! They are looking more like a full size chickens, with all feathers and all of them are hens. No roosters in the flock! We added a small pool to there home and they seem to love it.  They get treats from our fall harvests last year.  They love the cracked corn and sunflower seeds!  We will be adding temporary fencing soon to allow for them to get out and clean up the field after harvest.  Everybody works around here!  

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  

Sandy Roush

Farm Operations Manager

Emerald Acres

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